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Sun State Roller Girls (SSRG) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing and promoting the sport of Women's Flat Track Roller Derby in Brisbane and facilitating the development of athletic ability, sportswomanship and goodwill among league members.

Sun State Roller Girls was established in 2007 on Brisbane's south side and now has members from across Brisbane and Logan. Training sessions for all skill levels are held at Browns Plains and Beenleigh and games (called bouts) are played in Beenleigh and Browns Plains.

We promote the empowerment of women in a safe and organised environment that fosters the health, well-being and personal growth of skaters. We honour diversity, encourage self-expression and are committed to building a network of friendship and support among skaters. We seek continuous improvement in our sport and are committed to democratic principles, constructive dialogue and teamwork.

SSRG recognises and celebrates female diversity and strength, empowering and supporting women to achieve success in sport and everyday life. The league encourages and supports members to not only participate in training and bouting, but also to take on roles in management, coaching, officiating and volunteering.

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While only women can participate as bouting skaters, both men and women are welcomed to become part of the organisation and are valued for their involvement in a variety of support roles. All SSRG members have a voice in the running of the league, which is overseen by a democratically elected Committee. All league members have a voice in the decision making process and agree to comply with the rules set by the league’s guidelines and policies.

If you are interested in joining the Sun State Roller Girls as a freshmeat skater or contributing in another way, please see the Join Us section of the website.

Sun State's achievements include:

  • Winning the 2014 Queensland Tournament - The Tropicarnage Cup
  • Second place in the 2014 National Roller Derby Tournament - The Great Southern Slam
  • Winning the 2013 Queensland Tournament - The Tropicarnage Cup
  • Becoming a WFTDA Member League
  • Winning the 2012 Queensland Tournament - The Tropicarnage Cup
  • Second place in the 2012 National Roller Derby Tournament - The Great Southern Slam
  • Winning the 2011 Queensland Tournament - The Tropicarnage Cup
  • Second place in the 2010 National Roller Derby Tournament - The Great Southern Slam

Strategic Priorities to 2015

  • Be established in our own venue
    • An accessible and flexible multipurpose venue that will offer stability and growth for the league as
  • Continually support our external relationships
    • Mutually respectful, cooperative and harmonious relationships with the greater community that
  • Foster meaningful participation with our league
    • An inclusive environment that creates equal opportunities for all members and encourages active
  • Be a sustainable organisation that is adaptable to change
    • An efficient and financially viable organisation that is committed to continual improvement and
  • Compete in WFTDA championships
    • A league of skaters and officials ready to compete at the highest levels of roller derby.

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